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New Release, War of Hearts, A Historical Romance from Lynn Hubbard

New Historical Romance, From Lynn Hubbard

Together they will discover a passion for each other,
for life, and for freedom.

Following along after Washington’s Army, was not what Sarah Fanum had planned. Nonetheless, sometimes fate is cruel. Deciding to control her own future, she accepted a role as a spy. Gathering more courage than she knew she had, she headed to New York City.

Tristan Radcliff was a pampered playboy. He was used to having his own way, and lived for the next adventure on the high seas. He was caught off guard by Sarah’s unpretentious ways, and taken by her beauty. Could he defy not only his family, but also his country to taste her charms? 

Will they realize that love is always worth fighting for?


She could hear the city before she saw it. It was not the grandeur of Philadelphia, that she had expected. It seemed… somewhat darker. Perhaps her feelings were betraying her perception. Thoughts of retreat fluttered through her mind as she spotted the roadblock. With no other choice, she squared her shoulders as she moved forward.

“State your business,” the young soldier demanded, he sounded more bored than anything.

“I have come to stay with my Aunt.” Sarah replied, remembering that less is more.

He barely glanced at her, and not finding her a threat, moved to let her pass.

“Hold up there!” A more seasoned officer called.  Sarah somehow kept her face calm, even though her heart was pounding again. This man was more keen, and his grey eyes seemed to glimmer in anticipation. She supposed he would have been considered handsome, to most, with his brown hair and strong features. Of course, the British Uniform quelled any passionate thoughts on Sarah’s part.

She tensed as his gaze swept over her body. Her eyes met his, and narrowed, as a sneer crossed over his face. “I think we need to check this one a bit more thoroughly.”

He was close to her, too close, she wondered how far she would get if she kicked him in the face and set the mare into a run. Looking down at her feeble companion, she decided not far enough.
The soldier grabbed her horse’s harness and placed his free hand on her ankle as he ran his hand up her leg, and under her skirt. She instinctively drew away from him, and with a shriek, toppled off the horse on the other side. Cursing, she pushed herself to her feet and turned on her offender.

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Author Bio: 
Lynn Hubbard is a Historical Fiction author. She has been writing for over ten years and has five titles. Three of which are westerns. Lynn is fascinated by the Old West and her books portray when life was simpler. When, people worked hard, and sweated to make an honest living. And when justice wasn’t always blind.
List of Lynn’s publications:
·        The Stafford Collection: exclusively at Amazon
·        A Christmas Crossing: Amazon, Audible
·        Run into the Wind: Amazon, B&N, Audible
·        Chase the Moon: Amazon, B&N
·        Return to Love: Amazon, B&N, Audible
·        Desperado: Amazon, B&N, Audible

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My Character is Gay~Romance Author Lynn Hubbard

My Character is GayAs a Historical Romance Author, Imagine my Surprise When I Realized That my Character was Gay.~Lynn Hubbard

As a Historical Romance Author, I put much depth into my characters. Even the minor ones. I like to create a background for them, who they are, where do they come from, why are they there?
Imagine my surprise when I realized that my character was gay.

You would think I would have noticed it before.
The subtle clues, their reactions to each other, and certain situations.
But no.
I was oblivious until my main character, Sarah, caught him sneaking out of a man’s room in the middle of the night.
To complicate matters, War of Hearts is set in 1776, even women were oppressed back then. Much less a gay man. So it seems to reason that it would be kept a secret.
From everyone.
Even me.
Sure they tried to keep it quiet, but after that night, I was more aware. And more than a bit shocked. And then quiet acceptance, the character hadn’t changed. But my view of the character had. And I needed to let them know that it did not matter.
That this new realization did not harm our relationship. That I still saw them as a moral, devoted human being. One with strength and feelings. One that fought more desperately, and risked more for love than perhaps any of my other characters. Later on, as our trust deepened, the gaps were filled in: how they met, became companions, built a relationship of trust, as well as love.
And it was okay.
And their secret became mine.

Of course this isn’t the first unusual relationship in my stories. In Run into the Wind, my main character is a cross dresser. And the man of her dreams, battles with his emotions, as he is still attracted to her/him.
Perhaps, people aren’t attracted by the persona, but by their soul. I have often contemplated there being a soulmate for everyone. And who are we to say what color, creed, or sex they should be?

So whether it is 1776 or 2013, Tory or Rebel, hearts should have no bounds.